Ishita Ranjan – Tips & Tools to Squeeze the Most Out of Summer

One of the reasons I stay a part of the Enactus network is that over the years, I’ve  seen some truly incredible projects. It never ceases to amaze me how students are able to come up with solutions that empower entrepreneurs and communities, tackle global challenges, and really truly empower people through entrepreneurial action.

There is no magic formula for what makes a project successful – a complex bundle of factors ranging from people, places, partners, ideas, innovation & action come into play. What is clear across the board though is that if you want to create a truly empowering and successful project, you have to put the (wo)man power in. There is simply no substitution of the sheer energy, time and work it takes.

And the best time to invest those hours into building your projects? Summer. 

There is also no substitution for summer. The summer holidays are the perfect opportunity to plan, research & lay strong foundations for your projects, and even implement them if you can. And it’s not just projects – summer is the ideal opportunity to build your team, from engaging your members to applying for funding. In my time as a mentor, I’ve seen several teams make the most of summer, so here are five top tips I’ve picked up along the way:

Plan, plan, plan: Create a summer action plan for your team and projects – a clear plan of action with tasks & deadlines is a thing of absolute beauty. Minus the pressure of exams and essays, people are able to dedicate time to Enactus as long as they have a clear understanding of what they’re supposed to be doing and when by. A plan to refer to also enables you to hold people accountable to their actions. Helpful tools: Project planning tools like Trello & Wunderlist can be so helpful in team planning and delivery, so check them out!

Collectively communicate: It’s really important to stay in sync with your team members. Just because people aren’t physically present on campus, doesn’t mean they’re not able to take action. As a team, it’s important to stay in touch so you can work around internships, holidays and summer jobs.
Helpful tools: Embrace technology and let Skype and Whatsapp be your teams best friends this summer. Slack is also a super useful tool, letting you stay in touch and also share files (think MSN, but for designed for teams!).

Agree goals together: As a team, write down SMARTER goals for where you want to be by the end of summer. It’s important for team & project leaders to take ownership over their roles and feel responsible for their goals, but they also need to have a sense of the big picture and how they fit in. One great way to achieve that balance is let individuals set their own goals but to discuss and agree them together.

Helpful tools: Goal-Buddy – a tool that helps to set & track goals and also this handy resource that includes a SMART goal setting template.

Use your support network – remember that you guys, as students, are the some of the very lucky people that actually have a whole summer off from University. Whilst team members may be off and about, your alumni mentors, community partners and business advisors are still at work, so use us! Summer is a great time to send those emails, schedule those calls and go for coffees & catch ups. It’s a great opportunity to build relationships with the members in your support network, and that will pay its dividends during the academic year.

Helpful tools: Your Enactus UK Programme Manager, Alumni Mentors & Business Advisors!

Recognise & Reward:
Every single member on your team is a volunteer. It’s so important to recognise and reward people for the time they invest, not just over summer but all year round! Whether that’s managing to get a meeting with a potential project partner, or sharing some great content of social media, make sure you create a culture of celebrating the small wins & saying thank you
Helpful tools: This Volunteer Appreciation Guide with some interesting insights! 

If you make the most out of summer, it will make a world of difference to your teams! If you’re got any thoughts or questions about this post, tweet us at @enactusukalumni or @callmeranj. Have an awesome summer!
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Kash Chundoo – How to be Summer Action’s Most Improved Team

Leicester 1The importance of Summer Action: Summer represents a golden opportunity for every team to make massive, positive strides forward. In essence, each team will have a solid 3-4 months to plan, organise and implement new systems, projects and visions for their team without the stress of University work and outside commitments. I implore each team, and their members to really push themselves during this period as I promise such an stress-free opportunity will not present itself again.

Planning: Planning is key. If you fail to plan, you will completely waste summer.
You need to plan out what you want to achieve over summer, and by extension, how you are realistically going to achieve your vision. I recommend doing this by monthly targets! Set yourself small objectives that work towards a larger, overarching goal. Do not try being a one-man/woman team; you will fail. Ensure your members all buy into your team’s vision; teamwork makes the dream work!

Leicester 2Communication: Planning is utterly useless without effective communication systems. As a team, establish how you will contact and talk with each other over the summer break. From there, put in place a system or a rota, where you make arrangements in a week (or bi-weekly) to talk to each other about progress made. Essentially, find what your team is comfortable with using and run with it. Communication is not hard if everyone feels comfortable and buys into your team’s vision.

Top ticks/tricks:

  •        Talk to other teams during this period. Practice sharing is a wonderful thing!
  •        Be realistic. Set yourself achievable and realistic expectations and goals in relation to your respective team’s time and resources.
  •        DeepDive. Exhaustively review your team’s performance from the past Enactus year, and identify ways you can improve.
  •        Utilise your support network. You are not alone; your support network is a fantastic resource. Use them.
  •        Roll up those sleeves. You do not become a great team by sheer dumb luck. Be prepared to put in the hours, and don’t always try to look for the short cuts. Sometimes,  they don’t exist.
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Ammar Mulla – How to be Summer Action Champion

Like it or not, we’re now almost 2 whole months into Summer Action – with only another 12 weeks or so to go. As you’re well aware, a successful Summer can lead to great success throughout the year – whether it’s setting up your team to ensure its long term sustainability, or developing and implementing new enterprises ahead of the new academic year.

Summer Action isn’t just an award. It’s the foundation of a successful Enactus year. This is quite a long post so there’s a summary at the bottom if you want a quick read!

Here’s some of my top tips for making the most of your Summer months:


I was always told: “Work smart, not hard”. To make the most of Enactus (and life), you’ve got to realise that time is finite, and as a result, you need to be selective about Loughborough 2where you invest your time and energy. The same is true of your Enactus team. Every member brings something new to the table – new ideas, new energy. It’s up to you, as leaders, to direct and focus it using an overall strategy.

Your strategy should look at your team objectively, and cover (at least) the following things:

1. What is our team best at?

  1. What is our team bad at?
  2. Where is our team now?
  3. Where do we want to be?
  4. How can we use what we’re best at to improve?
  5. And how can we cover our weak spots?

Now, beware. It’s often the case that new leadership will come in and decide ‘last years strategy was wrong, let’s make a new one’; however, it’s much better to build on the
previous years strategy than try to change it completely as you could end up using the previous years worth of work.


This is the most important part of Summer Action. Let me just say this again: THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF SUMMER ACTION. Without a team, nothing will happen during the year, and so it’s important to get this right.

A good place to start is with your committee. Who are they? What are they good at? Can they recite the Enactus criterion off by heart (I kid you not, this is a real thing I drilled into the team). If the people at the top haven’t got a clue, what hope is there for the new members?Loughborough 1

Only when you’re sure your committee is solid, you should be thinking about your new recruits. In particular:

How are you going to find and recruit new members?


How are you going to train and engage your new members over the first 2-3 months?

How are you going to instil your team culture?

Are you going to have enough for a new team to do when they come in?


That last point is really important. If you recruit a large team, but don’t have anything for them to do, not only will it be difficult to manage, but you’ll have drop outs and lose the interest of the majority.


Great. You’ve made it this far and hopefully have an idea of who you want in your team and how you’re going to get them involved. Next, you need enterprises for them to be a part of.


Momentum is a powerful thing. Making sure that you build on the successes at the national competition and keep your enterprises not only alive, but growing is paramount. If you’re already up and running, don’t neglect your project over Summer.

For each of your enterprises, now is a time to look at what has worked, what hasn’t worked, and come up with a plan of action. The plan should address how you’re going to build your project in the new year, and the types of people / skills you’ll need in the team to do it. This should feed directly into your recruitment plans.


You may also want to begin some new ventures ahead of the new academic year. Now is the time to put in the work, building the foundations and relationships so that the new team have something to run with come September. But beware, just because you can do something, it doesn’t mean you should. Remember that strategy you started with earlier? Make sure your new ventures are in line with it.



Just by being part of Enactus you have access to a network of amazing individuals, organisations and alumni mentors – and each one wants you to succeed. By tapping into this network, you have access to a wealth of knowledge and experience from people who have ‘been there and done that’ for many years.

Your network is your net worth. Use it well.

People are busy, though. So the burden on you is to figure out how you can effectively engage the network and maximise the value you both give and take from the network.

Effective engagement is contingent about getting the right messages, to the right people, at the right time. So, think about what kind of information people will want to receive from you, and tailor accordingly.

For example, the leadership within your University or your SU may want to know about any ‘big wins’ you’ve had, but may not necessarily need to know that you’re holding your next recruitment session next Thursday? And a Business Advisor may care about your local projects, but may not be too interested in the international side of things.


The trick is to find out what everyone cares about, and tailor your commu- nications to them based on this. This will increase your network engage- ment, and enable much better support to be provided in turn.

But remember, this is a two-way relationship. It’s important to think about what you can do for your network in return. For example, sponsor companies may want the opportunity to meet your team, and your mentors may want to see their advice and help is appreciated and being put into use.

Lastly, a great way to boost engagement is to create a calendar of events for the year in advance. Sponsor companies, mentors, and BAs alike all need notice of events in order to make sure they can attend, and a calendar of events (distributed early), can go a long way in ensuring everyone can make it.


When managed correctly, your finances can support you in growth, allow you to invest in your team and your enterprises, or can support you on a rainy day. Conversely, poorly managed finances can become a hinderance to the team, limiting the number of options you have.

So where do you start? Well, a good place to start is to look at your income and expenditure over the past year, and group it into key sections. We used:



Individual Project Income

Individual Project Expenditure



Grants and Awards


Commercial Ventures



General Investment


Now that you have a feel for what happened in the previous year, you can begin to make estimates for the upcoming year. For example, if your team spent £1,000 on team training last year, but your strategy says you want to increase the level of training your team receives, you’ll want to reflect this in your budgets. As well as this, you’ll also want to retain an ‘emergency fund’ each year.Loughborough 3

Once you’ve figured out how much you’re likely to spend, have a look at your incomes and see if it can support that level of expenditure. If not, you’re going to need to find a way to boost your income.

Be careful though, the aim of your team isn’t to generate the largest revenues, it’s to empower as many people as you can. You’ll want to make enough ‘just in case’, but don’t make it the sole focus of your team.


I’ve left this towards the end, because it’s the least important part of the whole thing. If you’ve done your Summer Action right, your team will reap the rewards throughout the upcoming year — however, if you’ve excelled during Summer Action, you may very well be contesting for the much coveted ‘Summer Action Awards’. Here’s some tips for putting together an awesome video:

  1. Content. Content is king – there’s no two ways about it. Make sure you’ve got a pre-written script ahead of time that accurately covers everything you’ve done so far, and the points on the marking crite- ria. Make it really easy to mark by splitting the video into sections in line with the marking criterion.
  2. Sound. If what you’re saying is inaudible, you’re gonna’ have a bad time. Make sure that your microphone (or camera) is unobstructed, there’s no wind, and that your subject is talking loudly and clearly.
  1. Video. You don’t need a fancy and expensive camera in order to put together a great looking video. Look up the ‘rule of thirds’ for fram- ing your shots, and make sure (for the love of god) that you’re film- ing in landscape.
  2. Software. You don’t need anything fancy here. You can do a great job using Windows Movie Maker (Windows) or iMovie (Mac). Just lay off the transitions okay?
  3. Kit. If you’re feeling really fancy, hop on down to your Student Union and see if they’ve got any free kit available. Most SU’s have a media section and can be very accommodating when it comes to lending out gear.



For everyone too lazy to read the full text, it boils down to:

Step 1: Strategy. Figure out early on what type of team you want to be, what kind of enterprises you want to build, and where you want to be at the end of the year. Use this to guide everything you do during the year.

Step 2: Team. Focus on recruiting, engaging and then training the best possible team. Make sure they’re constantly developing and have something meaningful to do, because if they become disengaged, nothing will ever get done.

Step 3: Enterprises. Make sure you keep the momentum alive and don’t let your work die over the Summer. For your existing enterprises, make a growth plan for the new year, and document the people and skills you’ll need to have in the team to make it happen. For new enterprises, make sure it’s in line with the strategy you’ve set out and that the foundations are in place for the arrival of your new team.


Step 4: Support. Focus on maximising the value to both your team and your support network by matching them up to the things that interest them the most and delivering the right level of information to the right people, at the right time. Planning and distributing your yearly calendar at the beginning of the year can greatly boost attendance later on.

Step 5: Finances. Use your finances from the previous year and your strate- gy to create budgets and estimates for your finances for the upcoming year. If you need to generate more income, look at potential commercial oppor- tunities to implement for the new year. Make sure that finances doesn’t be- come the sole focus of your team, though.

Summary Advice

Summer Action is an amazing opportunity to prepare your Enactus team for the year ahead. Having a structured plan for how you will tackle it will help in the long term and ensure everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing, and how it will contribute to the success of the team in the long run. Most importantly, though, it’s about having fun, meeting up with your team in the Summer, and keeping that great big ball of momentum running into the new year.

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Amy Brereton – Making the most #EnactusUKNationals

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAMUAAAAJDJiM2MyZDNkLTg2NjktNDdmYi05OWJkLTk3NzcxMWJjY2MwOAIt’s that time of the year again! As April fast approaches, Enactus students across the country are locking in scripts, perfecting their powerpoints and signing off on the most important job of Nationals – outfits! With Regional results out –  Enactus Nationals will be here before we know it! Who will it be that leads the UK to the Enactus World Cup in Toronto Canada?

This year will mark my 7th National Competition – lucky for me the nerves I had whilst participating have now been replaced with pure excitement! There is nothing that brings me as much happiness as watching students presenting their impact on beneficiaries – every year I leave that little bit more inspired, amazed and ready to take on new challenges. Whether it’s your first, second or 5th national competition have a read through the top tips below to make the most of this exciting time.

1. Come Prepared

It’s going to be a busy couple of days – come prepared with everything you need…and more! For presentation teams think outside of the box with this – USB’s, cables, cue cards, annual reports etc. It’s better to be over prepared, than to worry just before you present. If you are coming as a spectator, do you homework before you get there – is there recruiter you want to speak to? Get some information about them before you go to the careers fair; that way your questions will be more informed, and you’ll get the information you actually need! Also this is a great opportunity to give out CV’s – make yours stand out! Recruiters will see lots of students over the two days – what’s your USP?

2. Learn from others

The Enactus competition is full of students from across the country, all with a common goal but different methods of getting the results – what a great opportunity to best practise share, learn and evolve! Watch, observe, take notes and talk to each other! There is no rivalry when we’re all here to improve lives! #weallwin.

3. Network with everyone

Whether they are the team with 2 members, the team with 250 members, the university advisor of a rival Uni or a recruiter TALK TO THEM! I cannot emphasise this enough, this is the best networking opportunity you will get in your careers – and the best part about it, everyone wants to talk to you! Be interested in what others have to say, fact find about their particular area of expertise, learn from them. The most important part here is the follow up; make sure you get business cards, names, numbers, emails etc. and make sure to follow up in a timely manner. Networking can be daunting, be confident – practise introducing yourself before if it makes you feel more comfortable – just do it!

4. Reflect on your achievements

Nationals is a great time to reflect on everything you have achieved this year. Whether it is impact you have had with your team, a beneficiary or simply a new connection you have made, it is important that you reflect on your achievements and realise how amazing you are! There is ultimately one winner of the competition that will lead us on to the Enactus World Cup in 2016, however every single person in an Enactus team across the country has something to be proud of- being part of an Enactus puts you in an elite club of amazing students, mentors, alumni alike; use this time to reflect on your achievements in Enactus and realise how great you are.

5. Smile!

FullSizeRenderEnjoy it! Nationals comes only once a year – it is a magical time, where you will leave absolutely knackered but brimmed to the top with new ideas, inspiration to improve projects and impact beneficiaries, and importantly new friends and network contacts to impact both your teams and your own personal development! It is an intense two days that will come to a head at the infamous after party, it will fly by before you know it- be positive, smile and enjoy this fantastic opportunity!

I hope you have enjoyed reading through my top tips as much as I have writing them – I am now even more excited to see you all in a couple of weeks! There will be lots of things happening at National Competition, but be sure to come and say hello to us at Enterprise Rent a Car. Enterprise Rent-A-Car has plenty of summer internships, year placements, and graduate management jobs available across the U.K. We are looking for future management graduates and interns to fill our roles and just by being part of Enactus gives you that opportunity for a possible fast track application process

See you there!

Amy Brereton


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Why I Love National Competition – Ranj

UnknownTo those of you who don’t know me, my name is Ranj and I’m the Vice Chair of the Enactus UK Alumni. My Enactus journey started back in 2008 (yes, I’m old) and since then, I’ve worn a couple of different Enactus hats – from project member and team leader at Enactus Warwick to Enactus UK staff, Alumni Mentor and Alumni Board Member. This is my eighth year of being involved in the Enactus UK network (like a bad cold, I refuse to go away), and one thing that hasn’t changed in all this time is just how much I love the Enactus UK National Competition.

I am not a morning person (never have been, never will be) but there are 3 days in the year that I will bound out of bed – Christmas, my birthday and (yes, you guessed it, you clever thing), Nationals. But “why?!” I hear you ask, “just what is so great about this whole Nationals thing?!”. Well my friends, read on and I will tell you just what Nationals is all about.

A celebration of awesomeness. Nationals is the pinnacle of the Enactus year, the culmination of all your work, a celebration that you took action to make an impact. Whether you got knocked out at Regionals or you make it all the way to World Cup, you made a choice this year to try to make an impact. You saw a problem and did something about it, so celebrate that. Celebrate your team, your projects, your initiative, your work and your commitment to the cause.

An opportunity to learn. I know that human trafficking increases when a country hosts the Olympics, that burning a kerosene lamp for a night is equivalent to smoking two packets of cigarettes and that 60% of the Indian population do not have access to toilets. I also know that orange peel is an anti-malarial, that waste avocado can be turned into soap and that gravity lights are the new solar lamps. I know these things because I learn them watching presentations at Nationals. Nationals is an opportunity to learn about global issues, the needs around you & innovative solutions so watch as many presentations as you can.

Get Inspired. It never fails to amaze me how Enactus students spot opportunities and create solutions. It fills me with hope that there’s an entire community of students who dedicate time and energy to tackling challenges and empowering people. I believe that anyone has the power to do incredible things if they take action, and Nationals is a testament to this – asides the presentations, you can also find out more at the Project Fair and even see some of the products that beneficiaries have made. Be sure to check it out – I leave more inspired every year!

Connect. The atmosphere at Nationals is just incredible – put all those amazing students in one place, throw in alumni, business advisors, university advisors and Enactus UK, and you’ve got a venue full of likeminded people. Nationals is  such a great place to meet students that care about the same things as you, talk to sponsors who can open up career opportunities and talk to alumni who can tell you about Enactus after University. Make sure you take the opportunity to meet people – you never know whose going to turn out to impact your Enactus journey.

I hope you guys are as excited for Nationals as I am. It comes but once a year, and I promise you, it’s worth the wait. I’ll be there so please do come say hi if you want to find out more about the Alumni network, and remember to have fun.

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Reasons Why Unilever Can’t Wait For The #EnactusUKNationals

At Unilever, we can’t wait until the Enactus national finals – just under two weeks to go!

IMG_7948This is actually my first time attending an Enactus national finals, and I am really looking forward to it. I’m currently on a Marketing industrial placement at Unilever, and as part of my role I am working with Enactus as I have always been a supporter of their great work. I have organised Project Den’s here at Unilever for our ITC competition – which I have really enjoyed being part of. It has been great to get to meet some Enactus members already, and I am excited to meet even more of you on the 11th April.

For the event itself, At Unilever HQ we are pulling out all the stops…

 1.      Careers fair stand

We are organising an extra special surprise for this year’s careers fair. We don’t want to give too much away – but it’s frozen. Wait – maybe that is too much information. Forget we said anything. Come and visit us during the day to find out more…

 2.      Dinner

Of course we will all be hungry after the excitement of nationals. Come and join us for dinner on the 11th April, where there will be two exciting guest speakers. Details have been e-mailed to students, you have until end of 31st March to register.

 3.      Global Goals Accelerator

We are really excited about our new initiative (partnering with Enactus), The Global Goals Accelerator. Two Unilever brand teams, Domestos and Lifebuoy, will each invest up to £25,000 (a maximum of £5k or £2.5k per project) in Enactus projects that contribute and align with the Global Goals and their individual brand objectives. Are you interested? Please visit for more info, or contact

All of us in the Unilever Enactus team are really looking forward to seeing you at the nationals event. And of course – good luck!

Richard James, Marketing Industrial Placement Student and Enactus ITC Lead.


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Top 10 tips for ENACTUS National Success

With the hysteria of ENACTUS Nationals also upon us, I recently had the pleasure to deliver a workshop on presentation skills as part of ACT! Training. My words of wisdom are summarised below:

1. Great presentations are memorable, and play at your emotions, they tell a story. For this reason your presentation should have a clear structure of a beginning a middle and an end:


2. Remember videos are great visual stories – it helps you connect with your audience. Remember the brain processes visuals 60k times faster than words, think about how this will help you send your message and ‘make it stick.’


3. Focus on getting your audience to say Yes –  Why /  How /  & What?

•       Why should I care? 

•       How is this important to me (is it relatable?)

•       What is going to happen? (how does the story end?)

Remember judges at the competition will see numerous presentations, how are you going to make yours be the one that sticks in their mind?


4. Ditch the bullet points… permanently! Remember – people do not remember bullet points they are not emotional, find another way!


5. For your presentation focus on paper first, powerpoint second, at least 10 hours building the slides with limited or no bullet points, and a minimum of 10 hours rehearsing in front of different audiences. Getting people who are not familiar with ENACTUS and your projects is a great way to see how clearly your message gets across.


6. Do not overcrowd the slides, keep it simple – one key message per slide will make it more memorable


7. Passion is critical. You have invested a substantial amount of time on your projects, and should be passionate. Being clear and concise is not enough, judges want to see passion and enthusiasm.


8. Make sure you explain projects and acronyms clearly, you know your projects and what they stand for, the judges do not. Make sure you avoid this common mistake


9. Enthusiasm is wonderful, although you can be too enthusiastic. Remember it is a presentation and not an interpretive dance, please make sure you are not distracting the audience.


10. Start as you mean to go on. A strong start will grab the audiences and more importantly the judges attention, how can you make a connection?


Focusing on these top ten tips you are now on the path to deliver the most impactful and memorable presentation to date, good luck!

Graeme Butler, Group Talent Acquisition Specialist





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7 Reasons Why The Enactus UK Competition Is The Best Thing You’ll Attend All Year (except maybe Grantham…)

IMG_1641To those who don’t know me, I’m Tom, current Enactus UK Alumnus, ex-VP of Southampton, and currently work for Tesco on their Technology Graduate scheme. I’ve been involved with Enactus for four years, and I can honestly say, they’ve been the best four years of my life. I’ve learnt so much, met so many amazing people, and been lucky enough to learn about so many great projects. Below are just some of the reasons why I love the Enactus Competition (and why you will too).

  • Energy and Excitement: The Competition is the pinnacle of the Enactus Year, and the culmination of weeks and months of frantic presentation prep, sleepless nights and all the hard work put in projects all year round. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend 3 Nationals, and I’ve loved every single one of them. Even sitting here, writing this, I’m twitching with excitement to see all of the amazing, life-changing, well-and-truly empowering projects that make Enactus so special. If you’re reading this, and you’re unsure if you want to go or not, I have three words for you: JUST DO IT. You won’t regret it. The energy and buzz around the Novotel is undeniable, and seeing all the different teams really makes you realise that you’re part of something huge; , a big, happy Enactus family (if somewhat nervous, pre- and during Competition).
  • Networking: Competition is a collection of the country’s greatest entrepreneurial, socially-motivated young minds, business leaders from a wide range of industries, and the world’s greatest alumni (in-my-totally-unbiased opinion). Shameless Plug #1: if you’re leaving University this year, join the Alumni; I’ve learnt so much in the brief time I’ve been an alumnus. And the socials aren’t bad either. There aren’t many other opportunities for you to really grow your post-university network, and I can’t think of a better group to start with.
  • After Party: I don’t really need to explain why you should be coming to the After Party – Enactus and slight alcohol consumption go really well together. It will be a night to remember. And a morning/afternoon/following couple of days where you wished you hadn’t had that last shot of tequila. Please note, Enactus UK does not actively encourage alcohol consumption, but if you see me at the After Party, I’m always a grateful recipient of drinks…
  • Careers Fair: I’ve always found the Careers Fair to really be an eye-opener; Enactus never seems to surprise me with the number and size of the sponsor companies it attracts. I was fortunate enough for all the jobs I’ve had to be at sponsor companies, and I’m not unique in that claim. I’ve gained so much in my career from Enactus, and the Careers Fair is an excellent way to expose yourself to some of the world’s biggest and best companies. Shameless Plug #2: I’ll be there representing Tesco, so if you read this, come and say hello, we’d love to speak to you!
  • The Playlist: You won’t be able to escape the playlist during the competition, but in terms of playlists, there’s nothing better. There will be countless repeats of ‘Wavin’ Flag’, ‘If This Is It’ and the classic ‘I Was Here’. I mean how many situations is singing along to Beyoncé in public socially acceptable? It is at Nationals, and that’s another reason why I love it – singing along to Beyoncé is actively encouraged.
  • University students: If I’m honest – all the other reasons pale into insignificance compared to this one. You guys are the ones that have put in all the hard work creating projects and empowering people at home and in countless countries across the world. Without you, there isn’t Enactus; you are the reason we all keep coming back, year after year.
  • Sharing ideas: If all of those other reasons aren’t enough, then this should surely be the clincher. All teams have ever-so-slightly different (and some drastically different) approaches to running projects, running the team and engaging project partners (to name a few…) and the Competition is your platform to best practice share with students and teams facing (or have faced) similar problems as you. Nationals exposes you to such a wide variety of projects, helping every single need group I can think of, and getting outside insights is so valuable for you and your team, and will serve to make your projects better and better. Shameless Plug #3: The best place for best practice sharing is at the Project Fair, which Tesco are sponsoring this year! Come and spend some time speaking to all of the different teams and you’ll get to fully appreciate the diversity of projects that Enactus UK will have to offer.

Essentially, the Enactus Competition is the best thing ever, and you should definitely make it your mission to get yourself and as many of your friends there as possible. It really is worth it.

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Why Enterprise Rent-A-Car Can’t Wait for #EnactusUKNationals

With just under a week until the Enactus national finals this years the excitement is really starting to build up….

As a long term supporter of Enactus and as mentors to many of the teams, we cannot wait to see all the hard work and entrepreneurial spirit from the teams coming to fruition in front of hundreds of business leaders from across the country in the competition that all of the teams have been working toward over the past year.

This will be my 6th national finals and these are some of the reason why I, and all of us at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, look forward to this competition every year…

1 – Where else would you find so much talent under one roof…. (or one hotel)? Not only are the competitors studying for a degree, many are working part time, and also helping to run a university society which is aimed at helping to change thousands of people’s lives. This is an event that brings the brightest and the best talent, and as a large graduate employer, we want to get to know and hire them!!!

2 – The competition – who is going to be victorious this year? Sheffield is the defending champion. I am sure Southampton and Nottingham will want to take the crown from them… or will we see another Leeds or Durham make the finals? These are the questions that everybody will be asking over the next 7 days!!

3 – The rogue judge…. what can sometimes bring a bit if light relief to the tension the competition creates is the random judge image002who will go against everything they have heard and read prior to voting, and still vote on the best presentation… as long as this doesn’t impact any results it can add to the tension!

4 – Enactus Alumni – they look forward to the competition as much as anyone else… it gives the opportunity to ask those horribly awkward questions to the teams, help coach and mentor the rookie teams and motivate those in the finals. The competition would not be the same without you and thanks for the support you give throughout the year.

5 – The careers fair – whether you are competing or observing you will never get as good an opportunity to network and build relationships with the employers attending. Use this opportunity, and you could not only come away as a winner, but also going a long way to securing an internship or a  graduate job!!

Best of luck to everyone involved in the competition this year and we cannot wait to meet you all.

Come say hello and get some tips from our team and find out about our internship and graduate opportunities we have to offer!

Ashley Hever, Talent Acquisition Manager, UK & Ireland



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Sponsors Are Getting Excited For Nationals!

Meet Anya and Ewan, two representatives from our Platinum sponsors KPMG and Wilko. They are getting a bit too excited for the #EnactusUKNationals. See what they have to say here!

Anya Todd 4“Excitement is already building at KPMG with just under two weeks to go until the Enactus National Competition. We are delighted to have such a strong presence of judges in all rounds of the competition again this year, as well as a stand at the Career’s Fair and we are especially proud to also be hosting the Winner’s reception! I’m looking forward to two days of being inspired by all the incredible projects Enactus teams across the country are implementing using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform people’s lives both in their local areas and across the globe – young leadership at its best! We could not be prouder to support such a fantastic initiative.”

Anya Todd – KPMG
Corporate Responsibility Executive

Ewan Mitchell“I am delighted again to be judging at the competition. Every year I am surprised at how the bar is raised higher, the competition gets tougher, and the students shine brighter. I can’t wait to see the best talent from UK universities again show incredible passion, dynamism and character to deliver fantastic project presentations. In addition, this year I have been bowled over by the standard of entry to the wilko individual topic competition and I look forward to awarding the prizes for this too.”

Ewan Mitchell – Wilko
Talent Programme Manager

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