Top 5 Things to Know About your Programme Manager in the Run Up to Competition

Programme Staff Photo

  1. We have all been there. All of the Enactus UK programme managers have competed in the UK Regional & National competition and we have all been out to the world cup too (as presenters, observers and staff). What I’m trying to say is we’ve been there, we know the drill. We know the trying to juggle that essay and finish the script, we know that panicked editing of the 73rd version of the presentation, the oh my god we need to get this annual report to the printer otherwise we’re going to be a bazillion quid for it moment – we know the highs and lows of the competition process.
  2. We see the big picture – working with all of the teams in the country between us and working on the Enactus UK programme whilst being part of a global one enable us to see the big picture. In some moments running up to competition, you may be so stressed that you will forget why you love your team, your projects, or the programme – whatever it is about Enactus thats made you stay. Talk to us and we will remind you because we see the big picture.
  3. Mike and Beka were part of the Southampton team that won Nationals for two years running, I was part of the Warwick team that won most improved team and semi final runner up the year after. So whether you’re aiming to be in the final 5, whether you want most improved or whether you just want to get through regionals – between the 3 of us we know what is’s like. We know it’s important to aim high but set realistic goals and we will help you set these goals as a team and help you achieve them
  4. Regionals is a massive learning process – for you and for us. For your team, Regionals is a vital learning tool. It’s so important for the constructive feedback you will get – if you take it on board it will be an important tool in improving the quality of projects. For us, as programme staff, we get to learn about all the teams on the programme and see their projects – this knowledge is something we take back and channel into our own teams and hopefully drive the quality of the programme. At Regionals, we’re there to learn just as much as you are.
  5. We really want you guys to use us. Having been to two World Cups each and through the Regionals process enables us to really understand projects, teams and what works during the Competition process. Remember – you guys have one team to look after, we have between 16 – 20 each and we learn so much from you guys. We really want to be able to give you help, advice and feedback but we can only do this when you take the initiative to ask us. We
    ill help you plan, brainstorm, we will look over scripts and presentations, help you rehearse, practice Q & A with you and generally try to be there for you whenever we can – you just have to ask us too. I know in the run up to Competition I will give up on sleep, my social life & sanity to help my teams, I won’t speak for the other two but I know they love their teams just as much I love mine. So we’re only human, we can’t go everything but it is all about communication – ask us, talk to us, tell us whats going on and we will try our best to help you whenever we can!

By Ranj,

Programme Manager



About EnactusUK

Enactus UK runs in 51 universities in the UK, carrying out more than 250 social enterprise projects that use the positive power of business to help people in need - in the local and international community.
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