Post Nationals Syndrome & Treatment Options

Post Nationals Syndrome (PNS) (also known as post nationals blues, post nationals depressive disorder or chronic missing enactus syndrome) is a mental disorder characterized by episodes of all-encompassing low mood, boredom, loss of focus and an apathy to things non competition and non Enactus. This cluster of symptoms was named, described and classified following observations in reported cases of Enactus students exhibiting symptoms post the National Competitions 2013. 
Major PNS is a disabling condition that adversely affects a person’s ability to concentrate on revision , essays or non Enactus related activity. Symptoms include creation (and repeated listening of) and Enactus playlists, obsessive watching of the Enactus youtube channels / related videos, stalking Enactus related photos & posts on Facebook and in extreme cases researching flights and hotels in Cancun. 
This year, Enactus UK have observed a colossal increase in the number of cases of PNS reported. We would like to direct you to the following course of treatments which have proven to be an effective methods of treatment: 
  1. Post competition presentation showcases – This course of treatment involves holding a presentation evening where your nationals presentation can be viewed by a new audience (university staff, business advisors, prospective Enactus students, anybody that was unable to come to the competition itself). This is great way to engage / re engage, re build your support network, raise awareness of the work you have done and hopefully secure some new team members or advisors! We have observed that although the atmosphere of national competition is impossible to re create, a very very good alternative is to hold a showcase or a celebration evening. 
  2. Celebration / end of year awards evenings – an often less formal event than the presentation showcase, is a celebration social or an awards evening. This is absolutely key to the morale of the team – to look back post nationals, say thank you and celebrate your achievements for the year. There will be people in your team who didn’t sleep for days on end in the run up to competition, those who worked tirelessly all year on projects or in management positions, or those who became Enactus addicts without whom your team would not be where it is. Each and every member of your team who has contributed time, energy and passion this year is deserving of recognition and a thank you, and the opportunity to celebrate their achievements. 
  3. The official handover – each team every year as their own selection, handover and sustainability process where as each teams students graduate or move on, a new team comes into force. For those of you who haven’t already done so, an officially handover is something well worth doing – a handover meeting, meal or whatever where the torch can officially be passed. 
  4. Programme & sustainability reviews – Your programme managers have all your green sheets of judges feedback from competition and they will be itching to go over competition feedback.. Along with this they will also be wanting to do an year end and sustainability review with your team, making sure that the past year is looked at, strengths and weaknesses are identified, goals decided and action plans and strong foundations are laid down. As soon as you know your exam timetable, book in a date with the programme managers. 
  5. Summer Action Plans – teams that deliver the most throughout the year are undeniably the teams that work over the summer months. Remember, over summer your beneficiaries, partners, advisors and programme managers will all still be around. Even if you or your members are not in the country or away from your university town, a lot can be done over Skype and email and working remotely. And there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be getting on with needs assessments, continue implementing projects (where possible) and laying down plans for the coming year over summer. 
  6. For graduating students – sign up to the alumni. They are a true force, representing all that is good and glorious about Enactus – from mentoring, to training events, to networking and professional development, and finally what can only be described as legendary social, the alumni is where all Enactus addicts find a second spiritual home after university. If you haven’t already done so, the mosey on over to the Enactus UK Alumni Facebook group ( or email
  7. For those staying on – remember the new Enactus year started on the 19th April 2013. The year is yours – make of it what you will. Don’t forget to pass those exams, hand in those essays and you know, eat, shower and sleep, but don’t forget about Enactus either.
If none of these treatment options are suitable for you then please head on over to the Enactus UK Facebook page where you can view our official photos from National Competition and keep an eye out on our YouTube channel where we will be uploading the videos soon. If symptoms persist / become more severe, please contact your programme manager. 
Enactus love, 
Ranj & the team. 

About EnactusUK

Enactus UK runs in 51 universities in the UK, carrying out more than 250 social enterprise projects that use the positive power of business to help people in need - in the local and international community.
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