Enactus UK’s TED Thursdays – What is it, and why?

Imagine hearing something mindblowing, inspiring or world changing every day; well that’s TED.com. TED’s tagline is “Ideas Worth Spreading” and we couldn’t agree more, and that’s why we like to share our favourites with Enactus UK students.

Although we don’t post every week, we’ve put together quite a playlist of our favourite and most useful TED talks for Enactus students. Check out the TED Thursdays Playlist on our YouTube channel.

Why do we do it?

In 2007 I watched my first TED talk and it changed everything. I was sat in my A’Level Geography class when we watched a talk by Iqbal Quadir the founder of Grameen Phone. He told the story of how he had seen the power of phones in Bangladesh to spark development, and how he’d worked with the original microfinance bank Grameen Bank to provide micro-loans to people to buy mobile phones. This was all before mobile phones were the mainstream force for development that they are today. Two years later it was his talk which inspired me to start my own Enactus project.

This has been repeated for me time and time again. Whether it be a TED talk on leadership, experience of prisons, the power of games to change the world, or how to tell a story at the end of the short talk I am inspired, reflective and motivated. The thing is, it isn’t true for just me but for millions of people. TED.com is now one of the most visited and talked about websites. If you’ve never heard of it, or never really started watching it I couldn’t recommend enough to start today.

You may be interested to know that we’ve even had Enactus students and staff give TEDx talks (smaller and local community TED events), and you can find them on the playlist too!

So take a look at our playlist library of TED talks today, or start watching our TED Thursday talk we post later on.

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About EnactusUK

Enactus UK runs in 51 universities in the UK, carrying out more than 250 social enterprise projects that use the positive power of business to help people in need - in the local and international community.
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