Enactus UK’s Top 8 Reasons We’re Excited by the Revised Criterion

“Which Enactus team most effectively used entrepreneurial action to empower people to improve their livelihoods in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable way?”

Today we announced the evolution of the Enactus criterion to the revised criterion above. We believe this is an excellent development for the programme and will lead to more entrepreneurial and impactful projects.

The previous criterion dated back to 2010 when Enactus was still SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise), and this is the final development in the process of realigning the organisation towards its strategic and definable vision of enabling progress through entrepreneurial action.

So here are our top 8 reasons why we’re excited by the revised Enactus criterion:

  1. It is an evolution from the old criterion, and still holds the principles of empowerment at its core.
  2. Being much shorter it is easier to remember and is less complicated. We expect that this will help Enactus students better apply it to new ideas, and every team’s portfolio will better express the goals of Enactus.
  3. The addition of the term ‘livelihood’ provides a clearer and more objective aim for a project’s final results. The term livelihood has been added to the Enactus criterion following on from the internationally recognised framework from DFID of ‘Sustainable Livelihoods’. A livelihood comprises the capabilities, assets (material and social) and activities required for making a living. This helps refine the priorities and success criteria of Enactus projects.
  4. Sustainability has been explicitly added into the criterion rather than being implied. Considering relevant factors will still be the process to ensure sustainability, but the aim is clearer. This will mean projects focus on the end rather than the means and should achieve greater success therefore.
  5. Did we mention you’ll be able to remember it better? It’s easy look:

Which Enactus team most effectively used entrepreneurial action to empower people to improve their livelihoods in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable way?”New Criterion Image

  1. Enactus as a name is made up of ‘entrepreneurial action’ and now so is our criterion. Everything we do as an organisation is now streamlined towards enabling progress through entrepreneurial action.
  2. Being a more simple and explicit criterion, we believe your support network will be better able to support you in developing your projects in an Enactus context.
  3. The criterion isn’t just for the competition it’s about our belief as an organisation in the power of entrepreneurial action to change lives, and we believe that this revised criterion will empower teams to achieve even better results.

On the 26th and 27th of June we are hosting our Summer Action Training events in Sheffield and London respectively. We will be providing training on the revised criterion. We recommend you be there!

So we’ve now seen the structures of which Enactus projects will be built around for the future, and we’re genuinely very excited to see where this will lead. We hope you are too.

Enactus UK


About EnactusUK

Enactus UK runs in 51 universities in the UK, carrying out more than 250 social enterprise projects that use the positive power of business to help people in need - in the local and international community.
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