Programme Managers: What, How and Why

This month Enactus UK gained three new members of staff; Hollie, ex-team leader at Plymouth, Rachel, ex-co-team leader at Leeds and Glenn, ex-project leader at Manchester. Handover’s complete and Bewdley Bootcamp survived, our new recruits are ready for action!New PM's


What does a Programme Manager do?


The role of Enactus UK Programme Managers is firstly and foremost to provide team support. This comes in a variety of forms; mentoring and training the team and the individual and consulting, assessing and advising on both projects and team strategy. In addition they facilitate each team’s engagement of their wider support network and encourage best practice sharing across the programme. Programme Managers are also involved in the co-ordination of all Enactus UK events, using your feedback to build and develop on their previous success. Enactus UK staff work together to maintain and improve the quality of the Enactus UK programme. In order to achieve this, the Programme Managers will provide and develop resources and analyse previous performance indicators whilst working alongside our new National Programme Director, Rebecca Willey.


How to make the most of your Programme Manager?


Teamwork (noun); cooperative or combined effort of a group of persons working together for a common cause.


Teamwork is not only essential internally, amongst your committee and project members, but also with your external support network – your alumni, UA’s, BA’s and your Programme Manager. It is one thing to build a team, but another to work as a team. Teamwork creates synergy – you can achieve more together, than if each member worked individually. Teamwork encourages multi-disciplinary work, valuing the different skills and expertise of each member. And finally, teams can support and provide accountability, removing the constraints which may prevent someone from doing their job properly. Therefore, view your Programme Manager (and wider support network) as part of your team. In order to achieve this good communication is essential – let your Programme Manager know what’s going on, the good, the bad and the ugly!


A reminder, why:
We, as a team of likeminded individuals, all strive for a ‘common cause’ and together we can take action and do something remarkable. Successful Enactus projects can and do transform the lives of individuals both locally and internationally. Although each University team, the individual members, and the overall success and sustainability of Enactus UK as a programme, is important, the positive impact on project beneficiaries will continue long after we have moved on and this is what ultimately counts.


About EnactusUK

Enactus UK runs in 51 universities in the UK, carrying out more than 250 social enterprise projects that use the positive power of business to help people in need - in the local and international community.
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