Kash Chundoo – How to be Summer Action’s Most Improved Team

Leicester 1The importance of Summer Action: Summer represents a golden opportunity for every team to make massive, positive strides forward. In essence, each team will have a solid 3-4 months to plan, organise and implement new systems, projects and visions for their team without the stress of University work and outside commitments. I implore each team, and their members to really push themselves during this period as I promise such an stress-free opportunity will not present itself again.

Planning: Planning is key. If you fail to plan, you will completely waste summer.
You need to plan out what you want to achieve over summer, and by extension, how you are realistically going to achieve your vision. I recommend doing this by monthly targets! Set yourself small objectives that work towards a larger, overarching goal. Do not try being a one-man/woman team; you will fail. Ensure your members all buy into your team’s vision; teamwork makes the dream work!

Leicester 2Communication: Planning is utterly useless without effective communication systems. As a team, establish how you will contact and talk with each other over the summer break. From there, put in place a system or a rota, where you make arrangements in a week (or bi-weekly) to talk to each other about progress made. Essentially, find what your team is comfortable with using and run with it. Communication is not hard if everyone feels comfortable and buys into your team’s vision.

Top ticks/tricks:

  •        Talk to other teams during this period. Practice sharing is a wonderful thing!
  •        Be realistic. Set yourself achievable and realistic expectations and goals in relation to your respective team’s time and resources.
  •        DeepDive. Exhaustively review your team’s performance from the past Enactus year, and identify ways you can improve.
  •        Utilise your support network. You are not alone; your support network is a fantastic resource. Use them.
  •        Roll up those sleeves. You do not become a great team by sheer dumb luck. Be prepared to put in the hours, and don’t always try to look for the short cuts. Sometimes,  they don’t exist.

About EnactusUK

Enactus UK runs in 51 universities in the UK, carrying out more than 250 social enterprise projects that use the positive power of business to help people in need - in the local and international community.
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