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The Day After Nationals

Prior confessions – I’m computer illiteracy defined and never venture into the world of blogs (I only discovered twitter about 2months ago) but there is a particular problem that faces Enactus teams each year around this time, its poorly dealt … Continue reading

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Future Leaders Training: A Huge Success

Whether a large and established team, or a new and nimble small one every team needs leaders. Future Leader Training (FLT) was developed by the Enactus UK Alumni to bring the most promising individuals from across all teams and spend … Continue reading

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A World Cup 2013 Flashback

Mexico, Mexico, Mexico, you were emotional, you were inspiration but most of all you were unforgettable, easily the best week of my life… so far! Roughly 2 years ago I set off on my Enactus (well at the time my … Continue reading

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Summer Action

We are already into the 12th week of the Enactus UK year – since the National Competition in mid-April. We are seeing teams continue to push their teams forward; project action continuing, better organised team sustainability, and continued involvement of … Continue reading

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Post Nationals Syndrome & Treatment Options

Post Nationals Syndrome (PNS) (also known as post nationals blues, post nationals depressive disorder or chronic missing enactus syndrome) is a mental disorder characterized by episodes of all-encompassing low mood, boredom, loss of focus and an apathy to things non competition and non Enactus. This cluster … Continue reading

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A New Enactus Year. New Enactus Members!!

Ready. Steady. GO!!! That’s right everyone it’s what we’ve all been waiting for, another SIFE year begins! We know you are all very busy with the start of another year at University so we are going to keep this short … Continue reading

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Life after SIFE

Have you recently been experiencing shakes? Cold sweats? An impulsive need to effectively empower? If the answer is yes, you may be suffering from a lack of SIFE in your life! But never fear, there is a cure… if you … Continue reading

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The SIFE Brand

As a reader of this blog, I’m going to assume you’re relatively active on social media, liking SIFE UK on Facebook, and maybe also LinkedIn and Twitter (if not, why not?!). You may also follow/like SIFE Worldwide and even other … Continue reading

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Summer SIFEing

So, with exams done, people away on holidays & internships starting, its easy for SIFE plans to end up on the back burner. What I’ve noticed doing my sustainability reviews though, and what makes me really happy, is how many … Continue reading

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On sustainability, handovers & leaving legacies.

I came across this quote from First Lady Michelle Obama in an article I was reading the other day. The article was about the legacy that the President and the American government want to leave their fellow American citizens – … Continue reading

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