How to use ENACTUS effectively in the interview process

From working closely with ENACTUS as both a BAB advisor and now CRE mentor it is clear to see that students are tremendously hard working, have a strong competitive spirit and see the bigger picture with the aspiration to give something back to society. These unique developed skills can help to elevate you in the increasingly competitive job market, here is how:image_preview


Online Application:

Employers are increasingly focused on extracurricular activities whilst you are studying at University. Why? Because it demonstrates ability to multi task, be committed, as well as self-motivated to personal development. Please remember, that not all organizations are aware of ENACTUS so a brief description is advisable, along with key responsibilities and achievements obtained, and why ENACTUS is important to you. There is often a section to list extracurricular activities, if not see how you can work ENACTUS in with examples of key competencies (Teamwork/Leadership/Communication).


As graduate recruiters we are increasingly focused on students who can demonstrate leadership and effective teamwork skills. Whether you have been a project leader, are part of the executive committee, or have ownership for part of a project, these are unique examples of how you can show ownership, as well as worked in a project team. Consider how you delegate responsibilities, follow up and measure success. These are all key indicators for future internship and graduate opportunities. Interview stage is a great opportunity to demonstrate how you are able to juggle University studies with an ongoing society commitment. Do not be afraid to include the number of hours you commit to ENACTUS to provide context, graduate recruiters highlight a strong work ethic as a key differentiator.


ENACTUS is a key tool to differentiate yourself in the recruitment process. It is fundamental you are able to sell ENACTUS concisely as well as being able to demonstrate how you personally have made a difference.graeme_butler



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Find Out Why University Advisors and Sponsor Companies Love Enactus

Sponsor CompaniesSponsor 1

“It provides our people with a great environment to develop their leadership skills – all while doing something worthwhile for communities in their areas…. It’s truly humbling and something we should be very proud to be involved in”

Will Creak, British Gas Catalyst Programme Director, Centrica

Sponsor 2

“As an Enactus Alumni, I wanted to continue working with the organisation. Being a Business Advisor, I can do just that, as well as impart the knowledge and skills I learn on my job to the amazing teams! Their commitment, enthusiasm and projects are an inspiration and make me strive to apply the same drive and motivation in my day job”

Shaheer Hafeez, Associate, KPMG UK

‘As Amazon’s first year working with the Enactus community, it has been incredibly refreshing and rewarding to see the hard work and passion of these young people willing to spend their time to make a difference to the local and international communities. Enactus has provided the framework for Amazon to engage with our teams in delivering these impactful projects, but really at the core of it all, is the dedication and drive of the students and we are extremely proud to be involved. The team here at Amazon look forward to continuing its journey with Enactus, working together on new opportunities and challenges while having fun and making history!’

Sarah Bicknell, Consumables Retail Finance, Financial Analyst, Amazon

University Advisors

Enactus Sheffield“I am one of the luckiest people I know. I get to work with some of the most inspiring students who are already making a difference to our local and international communities. They don’t see challenges, only opportunities and I am so proud of everything they have achieved.”

Liz Taylor, Enterprise Officer, University Of Sheffield

“I enjoy working with Enactus Essex very much. The students are active and engaged. They are always on top of their projects and are passionate about Enactus. I am fascinated how much work students put into the projects and am simply blown away by the results. From a student’s point of view, being part of Enactus changes also their own lives. They grow with their role within the projects and gain a lot of employability skills. Supporting them in changing lives to the better all over the world makes me feel very proud being part of Enactus.”

Christine Michaelis, Enterprise Officer, University of Essex

“I believe that Enactus offers one of the most challenging, socially engaged and structured University Advisors 1personal and professional development opportunities available to our students within their extra-curricular activities. It has been a pleasure to see our students build their confidence and professional capabilities through their Enactus project work and the support from the Head Office team and the employer sponsors is key to this personal and professional growth. Seeing our students grow in confidence and ability through their involvement in Enactus is a key motivation for me.”

Dr Dickon Copsey, College Employability Officer, University of Glasgow

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Work Experience Opportunity with IHG

In light of the increasing focus on the work experience opportunity with the Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG), I thouJo Wyldght it would be good to explain a little about the impact the partnership has already had with Enactus Sheffield’s H.O.P.E project.

First things first, I should probably give you a bit of background about who I am. I’m Jo and I’ve been working at IHG for 7 months now in the Corporate Responsibility team. Previous to this, I was an executive in the Sheffield team where I spent some time as a mentor in the H.O.P.E project. The H.O.P.E project is jewellery enterprise which works with female survivors of human trafficking in safe houses where the women temporarily live after they have been rescued.

I had the most incredible experience volunteering as a mentor to one of the women helped by H.O.P.E as I witnessed first-hand the life changing impact such a simple program can have. As time passed in my role as a mentor, I saw a dramatic development in the confidence, communication and creative strengths of a woman I once thought of as a shy stranger and now value as a friend.


HOPE Products made by female survivors of human trafficking.

It is devastating to know that such women are faced with more hardship once they leave the safe houses as they are often without proof of identity, let alone of employment. H.O.P.E was one of the first projects that partnered with IHG’s work experience program, IHG ® Academy, and the first placement was a true success. Through this, one of the women the project was working with was able to complete 1 month of work experience in a variety of roles from serving afternoon tea on the weekend to serving at functions and business events. She was partnered with a friendly buddy to help her and at the end of the month she was offered and accepted a job working in the kitchen. Her mentor has told me that all the members of staff she worked with were very kind and she learnt a lot about working in the hotel.

For me, this is such a great story because the placement enabled a woman with limited options the first step to regaining her economic independence and stories such as this will not end here as H.O.P.E continues to run the program and IHG begins partnering with more Enactus teams.

I highly recommend therefore, that teams working with a community group with beneficiaries that will benefit from work experience apply! For this is a truly unique opportunity for beneficiaries to gain work experience in one of the world’s largest hospitality companies! Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, to find out more and apply click here.

Jo will be hosting an online webinar on: “how to Build a Successful Work Experience Programme and the IHG Academy” on Tuesday 3rd February at 3-4pm, to find out more and register please email Abby Price –

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Linkedin 6 Top Tips for Enactus Students

Considering the excellent benefits that connecting with professionals on LinkedIn brings, Enactus Students shouldn’t ignore this social networking platform. LinkedIn is a great platform to build your professional network, find business partners and even help you find jobs once you graduate!images

However, most university students spend very little time on this professional social networking platform compared to the time spent on Facebook and Twitter!

We have just launched an Enactus page on LinkedIn to give you regular tips on employability so make sure you follow us here. To kick off, below are some key tips on how you can use LinkedIn and reap maximum benefits by connecting with professionals.

  1.  Connecting with Professionals

If you have a look at LinkedIn, you’ll be surprised to find out the large number of professionals who choose to connect here. It’s a great way to connect with our sponsors, business advisers and alumni. It’s never a tough job finding them, so get connected by sending a personalised message.

  1. Conducting Company Research

One of the biggest benefits LinkedIn offers university students is that they can check out the pages of their targeted employers. By visiting company pages, you can conduct research on the whereabouts of the company, the hiring process and what people have to say about that organisation. This kind of company research on LinkedIn can always help you stay ahead of your competition at interviews and increases your employability.

  1. Getting Recommendations

LinkedIn also offers a feature through which you can get other people to recommend you. People with a maximum number of recommendations have a great chance of attracting the employers’ attention. Use your team mates, alumni and business advisers to try to get as many recommendations as possible to increase your employability.

  1. Letting Companies Find You

Today, a large number of organisations look for talented candidates on social networking platforms like LinkedIn. If you have created a good and detailed professional profile, chances are you will attract employer’s attention. Ask your alumni mentor or business adviser to give you feedback on your profile so you can ensure you stand out above the crowd.

  1. Connecting with Each Other

Use LinkedIn to connect with your team mates and other Enactus students. It gives you an opportunity to stay connected and see what they’re up to after graduation, and you never know they may be your future colleague or business partner!

  1. Getting Job Email Alerts

Once you have created your professional profile on LinkedIn, you can set email alerts to receive notifications of recommended jobs. Students and jobseekers will be able to see the notifications on their homepage as soon as they log into their LinkedIn accounts.

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The Gift That Keeps on Giving

What are you getting for Christmas this year?

What are you getting for Christmas this year?

In all the shops across the land the cheery sounds and sights of Christmas are upon us. What have all the good university students of the UK asked for on their lists this year?

Between the scarfs, knitted jumpers and abundant chocolate maybe there is a present you could get yourself, or put on your Christmas list, that could change your life.

A ticket to the TARGETjobs How To Get Hired Live event on the 23rd February 2015 at Wembley Stadium could be a present that just keeps on giving this year, and well into your future career.

560 university students will meet and hear from 40 companies who want to hire or help them get hired. Why not get your ticket and invest in your future career.

Target Jobs,  How To get Hired, Wembley Stadium London April 2014

Sit with recruiters from over 40 of the UK’s biggest companies.

For just £19.95 a ticket, you will have a full day long event to boost your employability, network with employers and help you identify your future career. Learn more about the details of the event here. If you’re worried about the pennies, maybe you could put it on your Christmas list for Santa to help out.

With tens of thousands of university students across the country and a limited number of tickets, what better way to help you take action to stand out of the crowd, than to meet with and learn from employers directly? Whether it’s an internship, a placement, or a graduate job you’re looking for, this event is a great step forward to many merry future Christmas’s.

The event is promoted by Enactus UK, with a £5 contribution from each ticket going to the Enactus team located at the university of purchase. Enactus is an international organization of students who take entrepreneurial action and establish social enterprise projects to improve the livelihoods of people in their local and international communities. To find out more about Enactus visit, or our Facebook, Twitter or YouTube pages.
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Welcome To The Nation’s Largest Students Careers Event

Target Jobs,  How To get Hired, Wembley Stadium London April 2014What does life after university look like? Where are you going to be working on your placement? Sadly it will come round sooner than you’d think. TARGETjobs’ How To Get Hired Live careers event is the largest event of its type in the UK with 560 students and an impressive array of 40 businesses across many industry sectors. It is a fantastic event for students to seize the opportunity to start building their future career today.

Enactus UK have partnered with TARGETjobs to sell tickets to the event on the 23rd February 2015, providing Enactus teams with a triple benefit:

  1. Provide placements, employment and employability opportunities to team members. Help them get even more out of being part of their Enactus team.
  2. Sell tickets for team income. For every ticket sold from a university, the Enactus team earns £5. That soon adds up! There’s even a £100 prize for the first team to sell 10 tickets.
  3. Recruitment of proactive and driven students who having seen the extra opportunities for development Enactus provides as a result of your marketing.
Target Jobs,  How To get Hired, Wembley Stadium London April 2014

“I loved How to Get Hired Live. The speakers gave a lot of useful tips about how to get hired and what to do and expect during the application process. I liked that the recruiters, all from top companies, were on the tables with us making it easy to talk to them in an approachable way.”

Students who aren’t part of Enactus often find it difficult to gain the chance to meet, network and learn from great companies and their senior graduate recruitment teams. How To Get Hired Live provides exactly that opportunity. See some of the companies attending here.

As the UK’s largest student careers event the opportunities available are enormous and eclipse that of a traditional campus based recruitment event. This is an opportunity for a lifetime of opportunity.

Enactus students, friends of Enactus students, and EVERY university student are able to attend the event with tickets at a very affordable £19.95 – purchase here. Too much? Maybe Mum or Dad might be interested in helping you invest in your career.

If you’re an Enactus team member and want to start selling tickets, talk to your team leader or simply email for further help.

Here’s an interesting flashback video from the event last year.

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Programme Managers: What, How and Why

This month Enactus UK gained three new members of staff; Hollie, ex-team leader at Plymouth, Rachel, ex-co-team leader at Leeds and Glenn, ex-project leader at Manchester. Handover’s complete and Bewdley Bootcamp survived, our new recruits are ready for action!New PM's


What does a Programme Manager do?


The role of Enactus UK Programme Managers is firstly and foremost to provide team support. This comes in a variety of forms; mentoring and training the team and the individual and consulting, assessing and advising on both projects and team strategy. In addition they facilitate each team’s engagement of their wider support network and encourage best practice sharing across the programme. Programme Managers are also involved in the co-ordination of all Enactus UK events, using your feedback to build and develop on their previous success. Enactus UK staff work together to maintain and improve the quality of the Enactus UK programme. In order to achieve this, the Programme Managers will provide and develop resources and analyse previous performance indicators whilst working alongside our new National Programme Director, Rebecca Willey.


How to make the most of your Programme Manager?


Teamwork (noun); cooperative or combined effort of a group of persons working together for a common cause.


Teamwork is not only essential internally, amongst your committee and project members, but also with your external support network – your alumni, UA’s, BA’s and your Programme Manager. It is one thing to build a team, but another to work as a team. Teamwork creates synergy – you can achieve more together, than if each member worked individually. Teamwork encourages multi-disciplinary work, valuing the different skills and expertise of each member. And finally, teams can support and provide accountability, removing the constraints which may prevent someone from doing their job properly. Therefore, view your Programme Manager (and wider support network) as part of your team. In order to achieve this good communication is essential – let your Programme Manager know what’s going on, the good, the bad and the ugly!


A reminder, why:
We, as a team of likeminded individuals, all strive for a ‘common cause’ and together we can take action and do something remarkable. Successful Enactus projects can and do transform the lives of individuals both locally and internationally. Although each University team, the individual members, and the overall success and sustainability of Enactus UK as a programme, is important, the positive impact on project beneficiaries will continue long after we have moved on and this is what ultimately counts.

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Enactus UK’s Top 8 Reasons We’re Excited by the Revised Criterion

“Which Enactus team most effectively used entrepreneurial action to empower people to improve their livelihoods in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable way?”

Today we announced the evolution of the Enactus criterion to the revised criterion above. We believe this is an excellent development for the programme and will lead to more entrepreneurial and impactful projects.

The previous criterion dated back to 2010 when Enactus was still SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise), and this is the final development in the process of realigning the organisation towards its strategic and definable vision of enabling progress through entrepreneurial action.

So here are our top 8 reasons why we’re excited by the revised Enactus criterion:

  1. It is an evolution from the old criterion, and still holds the principles of empowerment at its core.
  2. Being much shorter it is easier to remember and is less complicated. We expect that this will help Enactus students better apply it to new ideas, and every team’s portfolio will better express the goals of Enactus.
  3. The addition of the term ‘livelihood’ provides a clearer and more objective aim for a project’s final results. The term livelihood has been added to the Enactus criterion following on from the internationally recognised framework from DFID of ‘Sustainable Livelihoods’. A livelihood comprises the capabilities, assets (material and social) and activities required for making a living. This helps refine the priorities and success criteria of Enactus projects.
  4. Sustainability has been explicitly added into the criterion rather than being implied. Considering relevant factors will still be the process to ensure sustainability, but the aim is clearer. This will mean projects focus on the end rather than the means and should achieve greater success therefore.
  5. Did we mention you’ll be able to remember it better? It’s easy look:

Which Enactus team most effectively used entrepreneurial action to empower people to improve their livelihoods in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable way?”New Criterion Image

  1. Enactus as a name is made up of ‘entrepreneurial action’ and now so is our criterion. Everything we do as an organisation is now streamlined towards enabling progress through entrepreneurial action.
  2. Being a more simple and explicit criterion, we believe your support network will be better able to support you in developing your projects in an Enactus context.
  3. The criterion isn’t just for the competition it’s about our belief as an organisation in the power of entrepreneurial action to change lives, and we believe that this revised criterion will empower teams to achieve even better results.

On the 26th and 27th of June we are hosting our Summer Action Training events in Sheffield and London respectively. We will be providing training on the revised criterion. We recommend you be there!

So we’ve now seen the structures of which Enactus projects will be built around for the future, and we’re genuinely very excited to see where this will lead. We hope you are too.

Enactus UK

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Enactus UK’s TED Thursdays – What is it, and why?

Imagine hearing something mindblowing, inspiring or world changing every day; well that’s TED’s tagline is “Ideas Worth Spreading” and we couldn’t agree more, and that’s why we like to share our favourites with Enactus UK students.

Although we don’t post every week, we’ve put together quite a playlist of our favourite and most useful TED talks for Enactus students. Check out the TED Thursdays Playlist on our YouTube channel.

Why do we do it?

In 2007 I watched my first TED talk and it changed everything. I was sat in my A’Level Geography class when we watched a talk by Iqbal Quadir the founder of Grameen Phone. He told the story of how he had seen the power of phones in Bangladesh to spark development, and how he’d worked with the original microfinance bank Grameen Bank to provide micro-loans to people to buy mobile phones. This was all before mobile phones were the mainstream force for development that they are today. Two years later it was his talk which inspired me to start my own Enactus project.

This has been repeated for me time and time again. Whether it be a TED talk on leadership, experience of prisons, the power of games to change the world, or how to tell a story at the end of the short talk I am inspired, reflective and motivated. The thing is, it isn’t true for just me but for millions of people. is now one of the most visited and talked about websites. If you’ve never heard of it, or never really started watching it I couldn’t recommend enough to start today.

You may be interested to know that we’ve even had Enactus students and staff give TEDx talks (smaller and local community TED events), and you can find them on the playlist too!

So take a look at our playlist library of TED talks today, or start watching our TED Thursday talk we post later on.

Best luck revising,


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A Nationals Presentation isn’t just for (Christmas) Competition

We’ll always have National Competition 2014. But we want to hear the sounds of Enactus presentations ringing through universities across the country once more! But why?

Your National Competition presentation. Think of the blood, sweat and tears it cost to build it. Remember the passion and excitement when presenting it. Think back to seeing all of the proud and inspired faces of those you were presenting it to.

09. Final Day (94) edittedWhen are you going to do it again?

Having built such an impressive presentation of the best of your achievements in the past Enactus year, how are you going to use it to your advantage again now?

You know what you should do. You really should have planned a presentation showcase of some kind. Whether it be as a tool for recruitment of your fellow students, to re-inspire your team after exams, or to say thank you to your advisory board, or to inspire people within the university to support your Enactus team further, your Nationals presentation is the best sales tactic you have – use it. If you don’t use it you’ll regret it. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your Enactus year.

Book a nice room at your university or ask a sponsor company if they can help you out. Get some finger food, put on a nice dress/suit and maybe get some wine and invite people to see your masterpiece. Invite them to see what you achieved this past year as an Enactus team. Invite them to join you again for another exciting Enactus year enabling progress through entrepreneurial action.

As Programme Managers, we look forward to our invites and a nice glass of Merlot.

So present. Present as if it were the last time.

Enactus love,

Enactus UK

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